A Plan which Best Matches your Needs

Chose the right pricing option for you needs.


try/ for free

  • 3.000 credits
  • 30 days data retention

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$10/ 3K credits

Basic Informations

  • 3.000 credits
  • $0.003 / credit
  • 30 days data retention
  • 5 project and 50 datasource
  • 2 parallel scrapings

Best Choice


$50/ 20K credits

Basic Informations

  • 20.000 credits
  • $0.0025 / credit
  • 30 days data retention
  • 10 project and 100 datasource
  • 4 parallel scrapings


$custom/ any amount of credits

Basic Informations

  • Discount for large amount of credits
  • Custom use cases
  • New features on demand

How we Perform

We offer a lot of basic features that are available for all pricing plans.

Account credits monitor

Allocate a fixed amount of credits for each execution.

Automatic scraping

Schedulers are available! Fixed-intervals can be defined to fully automate tasks.

Real page preview

Now, screenshots are available for each scraped page. Computer vision will arrive soon.

Mapping tool

User friendly chrome browser extension available for page data mapping.

Easy data mapping & scraping

Our chrome extension make data mapping very easy. Keep surfing and map data when you need it.

Automatic link discovery

Pagination following

Mapping validators on the fly

No coding skills required

Commonly Asked Questions

More information are available in our guides.

  • How I am charged ?
  • For each scraped page, one credit will be removed from your account.

  • What is a scraped page ?
  • Scraped page represent a web page recovered by our boot. This can be a target page (fields data page) or a page where links to target pages are listed.

  • I'm in! What are the requiremets ?
  • To start scraping, you need just a ScrapeAll account and our chrome extesion installed. For now we support only chrome browser for mapping web data. After mapping, scrapings can be managed from any browser.