Create a very fast, transparent and adaptive web data scraper in just seconds!

You can test it now for free. Create a demo accont and get 3000 free credits.

Fast recovery

We are using parallel workers that can speed-up web data scraping.

Worldwide availability

There are no constraints for target websites location. All locations are supported and our scrapers can be configured to use proxies, based on provided geo-location.

Custom page model

We provide a powerful browser extension that makes data model learning very easy.
Navigate as usual and create your own data sources on the fly.

Scrape any kind of web data

We offer multiple type of datasources in order to fit almost any kind of web data structure.

Commercial data over multiple pages

Almost all e-commerce websites are organized into categories. Each category page is actually a list of articles that contains usually pagination links.
This kind of data will be mapped using listing datasource type.

Frequently updated data

Let's imagine a currency web page that update it's content every 3 hours.
A single page datasource can be easily be configured in order to fetch data every 3 hours for you.

How can I get started

Create a demo account now and you will get 3000 credits to try our scraping solution.

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  • Pay as you goYou pay what you consume. Buy a fixed amount of credits and use them as you need.



  • 3000 credits for free
  • No expiration date
  • Datacenter proxy available
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$10/ 3K credits

Basic Informations

  • 3.000 credits
  • $0.003 / credit
  • 30 days data retention
  • 5 project and 50 datasource
  • 2 parallel scrapings

Best Choice


$50/ 20K credits

Basic Informations

  • 20.000 credits
  • $0.0025 / credit
  • 30 days data retention
  • 10 project and 100 datasource
  • 4 parallel scrapings


custom/ any amount of credits

Basic Informations

  • Discount for large amount of credits
  • Custom use cases
  • New features on demand

Advanced control panel

Control panel offers a view over all created projects.
Start/stop datasource scraping, export scraped data in various formats or monitor scheduled scrapings.

Credits monitor

Allocate a fixed amount of credits for each scraping execution.

Scraped data health

Check scraping data integrity , invalid fields and pages.

Client Assistance

We are always here to support you. Do you need a new feature?
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Events timeline

Detect anomalies and track scraping actions.

New features are coming soon!

Do you have a custom edge-case?
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